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The Pistonhead Podcast





The Pistonhead Podcast, a cornerstone of automotive enthusiasm and culture, brings together a diverse array of voices from the car world. Hosted by me, Jacob Gettins, the podcast delves into a wide range of topics, featuring interviews with notable guests who are experts in their respective fields.

Our guests have included renowned drift racers, experienced mechanics, innovative car builders, and influential figures in the automotive industry. Each episode offers unique insights and perspectives, whether discussing the technical aspects of car modifications, the thrill of racing, or the latest trends in automotive design and culture.

Some of our notable guests have included:

Professional Drift Racers: Sharing their experiences on the track, insights into car setups, and stories from behind the scenes of competitive drifting.
Expert Mechanics and Builders: Discussing the intricacies of car modifications, DIY tips, and tales of remarkable custom builds.
Automotive Industry Insiders: Offering a glimpse into the business side of cars, from marketing trends to the future of automotive technology.
Motorsport Enthusiasts and Commentators: Providing analysis and commentary on the current state of motorsports, car culture, and community events.
These conversations not only entertain but also educate our listeners, making The Pistonhead Podcast a must-listen for anyone passionate about cars and the automotive lifestyle.

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